Robert Vick for TX-SD22 Robert Vick for TX-SD22

Robert Vick

for Texas Senate

Criminal Justice Reform

  • I will support legislation that prohibits State and local governments from contracting with private prisons, jails, and detention facilities.
  • We must soundly reject and replace the excruciatingly unfair money bail system and replace it with a risk-assessment bail system.
  • I support enacting legislation that requires people suspected of minor, non-violent misdemeanors be issued a summons to appear in court rather than placed under arrest.
  • I believe ex-offenders should have more access to rehabilitation and re-entry programs and support reversing policies that deny student loans and grants to those who have completed their sentence.
  • I support efforts to place a stronger emphasis on compensation to crime victims by the criminals themselves.
  • I will support legislation that treats drug use as a public health challenge rather than a crime.