Robert Vick for TX-SD22 Robert Vick for TX-SD22

Robert Vick

for Texas Senate

Environmental Priorities

  • I will champion legislation to utilize our wealth of alternative energy sources, solar, wind and geothermal.
  • I will work to restore the rights of local governments and voters to regulate oil and gas operations within their communities.
  • I will support legislation to strengthen and enforce regulations designed to rapidly and significantly reduce methane emissions from oil and gas operations.
  • I support an aggressive phasing out of the ecologically destructive extraction method known as hydraulic fracturing.
  • The State must take immediate action to prevent the depletion and exploitation of our water resources by banning the use of non-brackish water for fracking, requiring practical recovery of water used in the fracking process (sometimes in the millions of gallons per well), and an end to speculative water marketing.
  • Texas needs to fully enforce environmental laws instead of ceding its responsibility to protect our health to corporate interests.
  • I support increased funding for the upkeep, maintenance and acquisition of State Park land.
  • I support programs that encourage the reduction of "single use" plastics.
  • I will oppose any further attempts of the Legislature aimed at preventing cities and counties from regulating litter and pollution in their boundaries.