Robert Vick for TX-SD22 Robert Vick for TX-SD22

Robert Vick

for Texas Senate

Gun Violence Prevention

  • I support the 2nd Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.
  • I will encourage the closing of loopholes that allow guns to be sold or traded without passing a mandatory and thorough background check.
  • I believe we should enact legislation to require all individuals charged with domestic violence, human trafficking, sexual assault, domestic or foreign terrorism, stalking or any violent felony to temporarily surrender all weapons in their possession to law enforcement pending adjudication of their case.
  • I will work to enact sensible gun laws to curtail the availability of weapons with extended ammunition magazines, bump stops, binary and crank trigger systems; and, rapid-fire, magazine-fed, military style assault weapons.
  • I support allocating a portion of funds collected from State License to Carry Fees toward programs dedicated to the physical and emotional rehabilitation of gun violence victims.