Robert Vick for TX-SD22 Robert Vick for TX-SD22

Robert Vick

for Texas Senate

Strong Public Education Policies

  • I believe the state should establish a 100% equitable school finance system with sufficient state revenue to provide every child the opportunity to learn in an exemplary program.
  • The state should equitably reduce reliance on “Robin Hood” recapture.
  • There should be a moratorium on new charter schools and on the expansion of existing charter school networks as well as a thorough study of charter school impact on students and taxpayers.
  • I believe we should replace high-stakes tests that effectively punish students, teachers and schools. I oppose A-F school ratings, which only serve to stigmatize schools and undermine struggling communities while doing nothing to improve children's education.
  • I support extending appropriate class size limits to all grades and enforce those limits.
  • I oppose vouchers and so-called education savings plans that provide State funds to shift students into for-profit, unaccountable schools.
  • I oppose allowing the State Board of Education to develop curriculum and require textbooks that deny science and legitimate history only to appease the opinions of partisan extremists elected in partisan races. Board Members should be selected in non-partisan elections.